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Meaningful Name: The ruby color of blood, referencing both her nature as a vicious Action Girl and also how she feeds Sam her blood and gets him hooked on it.By that time, it is possible but not obvious despite the expectations that A Man Is Always Eager, that there is an attraction between the two, although Castiel is perturbed by the possibility of any alone time with her.TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Apocalypse Cult: In Season 4, certain demons work to break the seals, start the Apocalypse and release Lucifer.Three seasons later, after angering every other being more powerful than himself that still exists, he retains his hold on this position.In the fourth season finale, she does it again, laughing mockingly at Sam for hesitating to kill her when he hears Dean calling for him.While still pretty bitchy from time to time, she is markedly more gentle and considerate towards him in Season 4 than she was the previous season.Hell Has New Management: This is technically what Crowley did with a few hundred years of bureaucracy and backstabbing an otherwise Machiavellian business.All were thought dead, but three were simply retired and in hiding.He even criticizes the job Dean is doing of torturing him as though he was still overseeing him in Hell, and laments the limitations of earthly torture.

The Nicki Aycox version had a little more variation, but still displayed a definite penchant for leather jackets.Press releases about her in Season 3 also described her as a better hunter than either of the Winchesters.

The yo-yo-ing continues with a snap-back in Season 7, as Crowley vitally helps the good guys save the world a second time.Four-Star Badass: Has this role as commander of the Knights of Hell, not to mention the strongest one.It might have something to do with his mostly-absent parents.Your Behind-the-Scenes Guide to the Unseen World of the Paranormal The supernatural world is all around us.

Distaff Counterpart: For Dean, though neither of them would ever see it or admit it.Evil Gloating: By far the most talkative and most sadistic of the Monsters of the Week.Only Known by Their Nickname: Even the ones whose names we do end up learning, as they all take up aliases after losing their humanity.Summoning Ritual: This is needed to bring him to Earth, and can only be performed once every 600 years.Deals and pacts can be made between humans and supernatural entities, usually with binding.He was this to Meg, and Lucifer was this to him (as was Lilith according to Word of God ).In the Supernatural mythos, demons are human souls who have been completely stripped of their humanity through centuries of unrelenting torture in Hell, transforming them into vengeful, malicious, evil spirits.Faux Affably Evil: Treats the Winchesters like old friends and frequently compliments them.

Fire and Brimstone Hell: That is, until Crowley takes over as King of Hell.

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My Significance Sense Is Tingling: Demons tend to have the sixth sense and are able to sense things easily around them.Her eyes become gray and clouded, and she has a mouthful of sharp fangs.Girl with Psycho Weapon: Meg is mostly accompanied with some kind of a weapon, mostly a knife.Evil Is Petty: Make sure you mind your manners around this guy.

Brought Down to Badass: When Samhain realizes that Sam is immune to his powers, he fights him in hand-to-hand combat.Innocence Lost: If Jesse embraced his destiny as the Anti-Christ, it would be assumed that Jesse would lose his innocence and become a monster.Then subverted when it turns out she was a Manipulative Bitch the whole time.Holy Burns Evil: Holy water burns demons that come into contact with it like acid.Fiery Redhead: Has the hair and has the temper to go with it.Partially because of this, and partially because he Came Back Wrong, Sam does, which concerns his brother.Meg deserves some props, though: unlike a semi-cured Crowley, she is trustworthy, and unlike him, she chooses to change and go the route of redemption.Ungrateful Bastard: Killed the witch who summoned him and called her a whore.

He calls out Castiel for doing just that in the sixth season finale.Hell-Bent for Leather: After arriving in the 21st century, Abaddon seems to take a liking to punk style clothes.Since the main characters are all massively screwed-up, demons end up doing this a lot around them, often by pointing out their flaws with great relish.Her third incarnation apparently gets to keep her long hair, as does her second incarnation, the very floppy-haired, very male Sam Winchester.Voices Are Mental: His first and third hosts share a very similar lisp-type thing that makes Alastair sound kind of like a snake.

Too Kinky to Torture: She flat-out laughs at both Dean and Christian when they try.Instead they prefer to live quietly and engage in their own hobbies, some of which involve the occasional cattle mutilation or murder of a local virgin girl.Protective Charm: Charms or tattoos can protect against Demonic Possession.Asskicking Equals Authority: Seems to be the way Hell operates.He was punished by Lucifer for trying to unleash the Shedim, with the results remaining as permanent scars across the left side of his face, over his cheek, eye, and nose.Post Modern Magic: Crowley, in one of many cunning moments, melts down ancient blades capable of killing angels to make angel-killing bullets for his guns.

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